Sugar Scrub Recipe – Glowing Skin Yummy Rejuvenating Face And Body Scrub

Sugar Scrub Recipe – Glowing Skin Yummy Rejuvenating Face And Body Scrub | Natural Skin Care Recipes – Homemade face masks and natural skin care recipes to make at home…

Sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs leave your skin feeling silky smooth and glistening with a radiant glow.  By removing dull flaky or dead skin they reveal younger fresher skin.

The reason sugar face and body scrubs work so well is because they work in two ways, firstly by by physically sloughing off dead skin and secondly through a process much like a chemical peel.

Sugar contains glycolic acid – especially demerara sugar or molasses. Glycolic acid is well known for dissolving proteins and stimulating new cell growth to reveal a newly generated layer of skin underneath.

Glycolic acid cleansers, masks and moisturizers are very popular – and priced accordingly in commercial skin care ranges.

It’s so easy to make a scrub for your face or body! Here is a simple recipe to make as a base which you can add other ingredients to.

Sugar Scrub For Face And Body


1/4 cup Almond oil or olive oil (can also use apricot or other oils)

1/4 cup brown sugar (or demerara preferably and 1/2 a teaspoon of molasses if you have it)

1 tablespoon honey and a squeeze of lemon or grapefruit juice (very invigorating for skin)


Blend together well and rub onto skin in a gentle circular motion.  Wash off in the shower with warm not hot water.

Optional Additions:

For extra exfoliation add papaya, pineapple or kiwi fruit pulp.

For acne treatment use a few drops of tea tree, lavender, neem or other essential oils (see essential oils page), turmeric powder or baking soda.

For extra hydration add avocado oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil or extra virgin coconut oil.

For scarring add rosehip, carrot seed or argan oil.

These are just a few options you can add to your sugar scrub, there are many more ingredients you can find for your specific skin type and condition using our ingredient wizard or by checking out the ingredient chart.  Sugar scrub

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